Jax Zhang

Jax Zhang is a graduate of the BFA Film program at the School of Visual Arts. Numerous short films have been directed, written, and acted in by him. His work One Shot has won awards at several Film Festivals.



What I enjoy most about the film is the emotion it evokes in me. As a child, I enjoyed watching Japanese anime, such as this hero-saves-the-world scenario. Therefore, I grew up with a desire of being a hero, and despite the fact that I've had several dreams shift throughout my life, this dream has remained the same.

Film is a form of self-expression for me. Through creating, directing, and finally acting the stories I wish to tell, I can earn satisfaction. My conception of a hero has evolved through the years. I can’t be a hero who constantly saves the world. When an individual is at a loss for a solution and you provide one, you are his hero; when a team is at a loss for an idea and you provide one, you are a hero; when a group has a problem and you silently resolve it, you are a hero. I wish that I can be a “normal” hero. And I wish to tell my dream through my work.



  • 2018-09 - 2023-05

    School of Visual Arts (SVA)

    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Video Production

    Banghui Zhang is a senior at School of Visual Arts, majoring in BFA cinema. He is mostly focused on Directing and Screenwriting. His forte is writing captivating narrative and directing scenes with complex action, typically combat scenes. His interest in martial arts affords him the ability to create stylistically distinct films. During his time at SVA, he has acquired proficiency in writing for featurelength films, directing short films, editing, and producing. His film One Shot is the award winner of New York International Film Awards, Independent Short Awards, New Filmmakers NY, and Indie Short Festival.

  • 2023-09 - current

    UCT Int’l Culture Development, Inc.

    Videographer / Editor Intern

    • Produced and edited promotional videos for non-profit organizations granted Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations, effectively communicating their initiatives and goals.
    • Filmed and co-directed the entire event for the 78th UN General Assembly Sustainable Development Goals High-Level Forum and Awards Ceremony, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
    • Expertly crafted news detailing President Li’s diplomatic engagements with ambassadors from different nations, adeptly filming and editing footage to produce compelling visual narratives in news format.

  • 2023-05 - 2023-08

    East & West Bund Shanghai Co.

    Director and Account Manager

    • Launched and grew the YouTube channel Nana Yoyo Kids, providing educational and entertaining content for children, fostering a positive global impact
    • Generated rapid traction with +10k views and +700 subscribers within the 1st month of the channel’s launch
    • Wrote and directed +10 episodes for the channel, covering various subjects and genres
    • Elevated brand success through expert account management and strategic advertising
    • Efficiently managed teams and directed 8-year-old child actors on a daily basis

  • 2022-07 - 2022-10

    Writer, Director, Actor, and Fight Choreographer

    One Shot – Short Film

    • Supervised all aspects of the production, including successfully staying under our $16k budget
    • Led a diverse team of over 20 professionals, including the Cinematographer, Editor, Production Designer, and talent, ensuring the project's smooth execution
    • Spearheaded the development of dynamic fight sequences, fusing creativity with precise technical execution



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